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A cremation service, which is increasingly popular over burials, entails the transformation of the body into ashes through the process of cremation. Subsequently, the cremated remains are either placed in an urn or scattered at a location of significant significance. Brighton Family Funeral Directors understands that this can be a difficult decision for families and will support you through every step of the way with compassion and sensitivity.

Cremation services also offer flexibility in terms of timing, as they can take place before or after any type of memorial or celebration of life service.

Where Does The Cremation Take Place?

The cremation typically occurs at a nearby local crematorium, providing an opportunity for the funeral service to take place there as well. Alternatively, one may choose to have the funeral service at a place of worship and then proceed to the crematorium for a shorter service known as a ‘committal’. In some cases, families may also opt for a direct cremation, where the deceased is cremated without any funeral service or gathering beforehand.

At Brighton Family Funeral Directors, we understand that the decision between burial and cremation can be difficult. Our team is dedicated to supporting you through this process by providing information and guidance on what happens during a cremation service. We can also help with arrangements for any religious or cultural customs that you wish to incorporate into the service.

What Paperwork Do I Need For A Cremation?

To arrange a cremation, you will need two forms. The first is an Application for Cremation, also referred to as Cremation Form 1. Typically, the funeral director will assist the Next of Kin in completing this form, which will then be forwarded to the local crematorium. It is important to note that only the person who signs this form can collect the ashes or nominate someone else to do so.

The second form is the Certificate for Cremation, also known as the Green Form. This form is provided by the registry office during the process of registering the death.

Given the temporary modifications to the Cremation (England and Wales) Regulations 2008 under the Coronavirus Act 2020, our funeral director will guide you through the completion of the application form and assist with any additional required forms.

What Is A Cremation Certificate?

The green form, commonly referred to as the cremation certificate, is an important document that should be acquired when registering the passing of a cherished individual. This certificate holds significance in the process of honoring and commemorating their life.

What Is A Cremation Application?

A cremation application serves as the authorization for the cremation process to proceed. In England and Wales, it is commonly referred to as “Form 1”. Typically, this form is completed by a relative or a close family friend of the deceased and is then submitted to the Cremation Authority through your chosen funeral director.

If you are here because you are seeking to arrange a funeral involving cremation, you can obtain the necessary application form by visiting your local council. Alternatively, you may also download it directly from the council’s website or find it provided below for your convenience.

Download An Application For Cremation

Find your local council.

Medical Certificates: A Necessity

When it comes to cremation, the Crematorium Authority typically mandates the submission of two medical certificates, each issued by different doctors. The first certificate, known as the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, must be signed by a doctor who has examined the deceased and determined the cause of death.

The second certificate, referred to as the Confirmatory Medical Certificate, needs to be signed by an independent doctor. This doctor also verifies the facts and causes of death. However, given the current circumstances, only one doctor’s signature is required for the cremation form.

By adhering to these requirements, we ensure the proper handling and documentation of medical records while maintaining the utmost respect and diligence in the process.

What Happens If The Coroner Is Involved In The Process?

If a coroner becomes involved in the cremation process, the need for medical certificates is waived. In England and Wales, a coroner grants a Form 6 to the funeral director, which further explains the coroner’s role in the process. Learn more about the extent of a coroner’s involvement.

What Happens Before The Cremation Service Takes Place?

Prior to the commencement of a cremation funeral service, the hearse or the designated vehicle will transport the coffin or casket of the deceased to the crematorium. Subsequently, in the funeral procession, limousines will accompany the family and close friends of the departed. In the UK, Brighton Family Funeral Directors is a reputable funeral service that has been helping families say goodbye to their loved ones.

How Long Is A Cremation Service?

A cremation service typically takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes, varying depending on the crematorium.

What Happens At A Cremation Service

At the beginning of the service, the funeral director’s pallbearers will carefully bring the deceased from the hearse. Once ready, they will shoulder the deceased and carry the coffin into the crematorium. As a family, you can choose whether you want people to stand outside or be seated inside as the coffin enters the crematorium.

The deceased’s coffin will be placed on the catafalque and remain there throughout the service. Depending on your faith and culture, the officiant or celebrant will conduct the service, which typically includes readings, eulogies, poems, and music. Some crematoria have curtains that can be closed at the end of the service, but this decision is also made by the family.

If you wish to play your loved one’s favourite piece of music during the service, most crematoria will be able to accommodate this request. Additionally, some crematoria offer video streaming facilities, allowing absent family and friends to watch the cremation service live on the internet.

When the service concludes, it is known as the committal, and the curtains close around the coffin, providing the family with a sense of final farewell. After the cremation service, the funeral director will lead the immediate family out of the chapel, followed by other mourners. If you prefer the coffin to remain on view until everyone has left the chapel, our compassionate professionals can arrange that for you.

What Is The Cremation Process?

After the funeral service, the cremation will always occur on the same day, usually within a few hours. It is customary for a close family member to witness the cremators being charged, as some religions require this at the crematorium. Rest assured that every cremation is conducted in accordance with the Cremation Code of Practice.

If you require further information about our cremation services, please feel free to reach out to our compassionate and professional staff at 01273 032589. We provide a 24-hour service, 365 days a year.

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