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Bringing your loved one into our care

Bringing your loved one into our care

Our professional Family Run Funeral Directors in Brighton will arrange for your loved one to be brought into our care. We will be on hand 24/7 to provide all the vital support, advice and guidance you could need throughout this emotional time.

Information required by a funeral director?

H.J. Newington will require the following information before bringing the deceased into our care:

About the person calling?

  • Their full name
  • Their relation to the deceased
  • Their telephone number
  • Their address and various information.

Information About the Deceased:

  • The deceased’s full name, address and age
  • Where they are currently resting
  • The name and contact details of their doctor
  • If the death has been verified
  • Where you would like the deceased to rest before the funeral – either at our funeral home or your own home.

If you wish for your loved one to rest at home, we recommend you allow us to bring them into our care first so all the required preparations can be made.

Your chosen Funeral Director will then be able to arrange a time to visit you, or you can meet us at a Brighton funeral home if that’s what you would prefer to do. We will advise you on what to do next, ensuring all the necessary funeral arrangements are taken care of.

Please feel free to contact your local Funeral Director at any time. You will be able to speak to someone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How will we bring your loved one into our care?

If your loved one has passed away at home and you have instructed our caring team to bring your loved one into our care, we will guide you and provide you with an estimated time of arrival during your initial call, and we will also contact you when we are close by.

We ask that the road outside of the house is kept as clear as possible and that any cars parked on the front drive could be moved to assist our caring staff in bringing your relative or friend into our care.

When we arrive, our Private Ambulance and professional care Team will aim to park as close to the property as possible, and if permitted on the driveway itself, this ensures our duties that’scan be carried out quietly and discreetly and with complete dignity, respect and compassion at all times.

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